Newport County, RI

Memorial Dance for Barbara Hirsch

January 3rd, 2008
6 pm - 11 pm

Dear friends,

To everything there are some many faces. I write with sad, sad news, a loss- and I hope we can gather together to celebrate, and remember.
As you may have heard, my mother, Barbara Lee Schoellkopf Hirsch, passed away November 14th, of a simple cold. There is simply too much to say; as her friends, I'm sure you understand how much we all miss her.

I decided that, since I could not come home right away from France, I would organize a memorial dance, for shortly after my return, to remember her in a way that seems the righest -everyone happy and dancing and together. Mom had many friends in the dancing world, and it was always her home.

With lots of help and talent from friends, the dance is a reality. On January 3rd, 2008, I welcome you to join all of us for a wonderful evening in Goff Hall, Rehoboth Mass. From 6 pm til 8ish pm, there will be a potluck and story sharing and remembrances - please bring anything that feels right.
Then, from 8-11 pm, there will be a contra dance, featuring a variety of callers and musicians -old friends, new friends- coming together for the night.
There is no entry fee, just bring yourself, and pass the word!

If you would like to contribute anything, please drop me a line at flamingoemporium AT, or call 401 849 3466. I'd love to hear from you.

much love,
Sarah Hirsch

**In the event of bad weather, a cancellation notice will be posted here by mid-afternoon on January 3.

Directions, etc

Goff Hall in Rehoboth, Mass.

What IS contra dancing, anyway?

Contra dance is a traditional folk dance with Celtic, English and French roots. A long time ago, it migrated to the States, and has been changing ever since. Contra comes from contre or across, referring to the two facing lines of couples that begins every dance. With a partner, you progress up and down these lines and dance with nearly everyone in the room. The moves themselves are simple, taught by a caller, and repeated throughout the dance.

The music genre varies pretty widely for contra dances: Celtic, Appalachian, Cajun, New England, British, French Canadian, plus some new modern influences... etc, etc. The tunes are primarily jigs and reels, and fast, though there are usually several waltzes during the night as well. For more information on contra dancing, check out our pages...